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60 years of experience / organic grain as a chance for the future



The warehousing and the port traffic are the main competences of our company with more than 50 years of experience. Our employees are highly motivated and qualified.

All our sites are subjected to constant quality-control. External and internal inspections prove it: Our locations are outstanding in the matter of competence, cleanliness and reliability. Since 2017 we are certified according to BioSuisse.

In spring 2010 we started with storage, treatment and transhipment of organic grain. We already have a storage capacity of 5,000mts organic grain in the moment and will increase the capacity up to 20.000 mts for the coming harvest. We are also developing recent methods for the quality preservation of conventional and organic products.

We offer transport solutions by rail and truck on all European traffic routes as well as sea transports.

Our quality certificates can be downloaded here.

We are now also a certified interface in the value chain of sustainable production of biofuels from biomass. As part of an ISCC EU certification basically the way of bioenergy along the entire value chain, from farm to production of bio-energy, is documented. The certificate proves that the traded biomass was produced according to the respective sustainability requirements.