About Us

Since 1961…

The Agrar-Speicher-Betriebs-Gesellschaft m.b.H. in Korneuburg was established in 1961 as the silo management branch of the of Glatz GmbH group, Vienna.

Over the last years the Agrar-Speicher developed more and more into an independently acting company in the agri-business-sector. Today Agrar-Speicher is the biggest private warehouse in Austria including 2 harbour locations as well as highly competitive silo branches. Our sites are located in the eastern part of Austria.

The development of our enterprise has accelerated especially during the last three years. Beside constantly increasing investments for the modernisation of our facilities we developed the sector of transport service to a second strong business branch. Additionally to our well known services like storage, transhipment and harbour operation we offer transport solutions for our customers from the origin up to destinations overseas and back.

We aim to set up the Agrar-Speicher as a leading enterprise of the agrarian’s logistics in the heart of Europe, between the Black Sea and the North Sea. We stand on your side with friendliness and competence and offer you services of highest seriousness in a economically healthy environment.